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Music Together® was the best education/entertainment investment we have made for our daughter and now our son. We listen to the CDs daily and for months after the class is over. The class has fostered our daughter's natural passion for music and has really helped her come out of her shell and enjoy self expression. Teacher Rosie is a warm-hearted, creative and energetic conductor of the class.


Ann, Daniella and Charlie's Momm


Life is like a puzzle. Each experience you have is a piece of your puzzle. Some are border pieces and some are close to the center. Music Together with Teacher Rosie brings out a piece in us that makes us who we are. Thanks for being an important piece of our lives. We love your class and feel like you are a family friend who we get together to sing, dance and share special times with.


Carolyn, Samantha's Mommy


Music Together with Teacher Rosie, has been a wonderful learning experience for my three-year old daughter, Emma. She has been going to classes for over two years now and constantly sings songs from the different collections as well as makes up her own songs. She even gets her nine-year-old brother to sing with her. He too has benefited from her experiences in class and has joined her in class a few times bringing her great joy. The program truly inspires you to sing and play with music everyday.


Janie, Emma's Mommy


So wonderful watching my daughter Olivia enjoy the music, singing and dancing. Thank you!


Christi, Olivia's Mommy


Abby just LOVES music class and Teacher Rosie! You have helped to create a wonderful appreciation of all things musical. We have such fun singing and dancing together-both in class and out. Thank you for providing an experience which will enrich my daughter's life for years to come. You are the best!


Lori, Abby's Mommy


My son started Music Together when he was one, now in our 4th session he is incorporating music into every part of his day. He "sings" the songs with his syllable of the day-usually ba or la. He is also always dancing to the music and his instruments are his favorite toys. I can definitely tell that this experience has and will help him to develop into a musical person.


Melissa, Ricky's Mommy


I really enjoy taking my children to Music Together classes. The songs are so much fun to sing and the children love them. I could see the growth in my children both musically and socially. I attribute it to her exposure to music in Music Together. As an educator myself, I highly recommend the Music Together program. It is a wonderful experience for everyone.


Roseann, Sammie and Stevie's Mom


Our little girl, now 2 1/2, has been in Music Together since before she could crawl--almost her whole life! The program has helped make music something our whole family shares every day. She LOVES singing, dancing, and playing instruments. I can't believe my ears when she keeps a beat, sings in tune, and even makes up her own songs and rhythms!


Wendie, Leah's Mommy


When my children sing the songs they learned from class, the words are so infectious, that it makes the people in their company, want to join in on all the fun.


Jennifer, Danny's Mommy


My Music Together experience has been wonderful. This is my first time in the class and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I love listening and attempting to sing/use hand motions in class and at home listening to the CD.


Erin, Julia's Mommy


It brings a smile to my face when I see Joey participate in music class. He loves all the musical instruments that Teacher Rosie brings to class, and it really gets all the kids involved. Thanks Teacher Rosie!


Tracy, Joey's Mommy


Music Together has been a part of our daughter's life since she was 4 months old--we've been coming to class as a family for two years now, and we've had the joy of watching her discover and deepen her love of music and movement.


Joanna, Lorena's Mommy


The Music Together program is one I am most fortunate to have my 2 year old son involved in. He has taken what he has learned at class and incorporated it into his everyday life. It's magical. Teacher Rosie is an incredible teacher. You can just see how much she enjoys what she is doing and how much she loves the children.


Carley, Preston's Mommy


I will recommend you to the world and I will also be sure to sign up next session. Many thanks for the beautiful memories you helped create for our family.




Teacher Rosie, here is a big kiss for all that you do to bring music into so many lives.




You put heart into the music and touch the souls of the children.




My 4-year-old has participated in several sessions of Music Together in Galloway over the last two years. It’s obvious to my husband and me that, along with having a great time, she’s learning to embrace music as an active way to express her own creativity. When she makes up her own lyrics and tunes as she “bangs around” on our old keyboard at home, we know that she’s putting the principles she’s learned from Teacher Rosie into practice. I highly recommend Music Together of Galloway!


Ronda, Grace's Mommy