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I have been taking my son since he was 4 months old and he LOVES it! Teacher Rosie is amazing with the kids and always makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable! It's a fun environment and my son has learned so much through Music Together®!

Stacey S.

Me and my girls love music together class! I've been going for 5 years now. It's such a wonderful way to bond with my children while they learn the fundementals of music. The sweet and classic children's folk songs are heart warming! My girls absolutely love the songs, dancing, interaction with the others in the group. It has just the right mix of upbeat songs and movement while also incorporating some sweet lullabies and snuggles during class. Teacher Rosie has been their first teacher and I couldn't be more proud and blessed to have her in their lives! We call her a rockstar since all the kids are mesmerized by her beautiful voice and charm! I recommend this class to everyone I come in contact with who has small children. It's lovely!

Tara K.

My daughter and I absolutely love going to music class. Teacher Rosie is magical! She creates such a warm and welcoming environment for children and their grown-ups to explore music together and possesses an innate ability to forge connections--teacher to "students," "students" to music, etc. (I'm using the term "students," air quotes and all, as a catchall for everyone--children and adults-- because we grownups are certainly learning too!) Each class is a dynamic medley of music and movement and always, always a good time. The songs from the Music Together program are all great, a mix of well known tunes, originals, and traditional songs from a various ethnic traditions. They have inspired many impromptu sing-alongs and living room dance parties. I will also confess to occasionally listening to the CD even when I'm alone in the car. So, yes, really a wonderful program and a lovely way to bond with the wee one(s) in your life!

Nancy W.

We always have so much fun at music class and it makes my heart smile when my son is singing the songs in the back of the car. It is so cute!

Jessica C.

I started my 2 boys in April. They are 1 and 2 and they have absolutely enjoyed their class. They have shown a lot of improvement in many ways. My oldest, who was very shy at first, now interacts with Teacher Rosie (the sweetest teacher) and with the other kids. My youngest is now dancing and following some of the gestures and beats to the songs they sing. We are very happy and plan to continue registering for many years to come!

Victoria K.

Teacher Rosie is absolutely hands down the best of the best when it comes to teaching your little ones all about music. You can see her love for it & for each of her students. We adore her and this program. You won't be sorry taking your child to this class and watching him or her blossom.

Jennifer, Cole and Emma's Mommy

I really enjoy taking my children to Music Together classes. The songs are so much fun to sing and the children love them. I could see the growth in my children both musically and socially. I attribute it to her exposure to music in Music Together. As an educator myself, I highly recommend the Music Together program. It is a wonderful experience for everyone.

Roseann, Sammie and Stevie's Mom

Our little girl, now 2 1/2, has been in Music Together since before she could crawl--almost her whole life! The program has helped make music something our whole family shares every day. She LOVES singing, dancing, and playing instruments. I can't believe my ears when she keeps a beat, sings in tune, and even makes up her own songs and rhythms.

Wendie, Leah's Mommy

My Music Together experience has been wonderful. This is my first time in the class and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I love listening and attempting to sing/use hand motions in class and at home listening to the CD.

Erin, Julia's Mommy

It brings a smile to my face when I see Joey participate in music class. He loves all the musical instruments that Teacher Rosie brings to class, and it really gets all the kids involved. Thanks Teacher Rosie!

Tracy, Joey's Mommy

I went to a class with my 10 month old and her friend and wow was it seriously fun!! Very friendly environment and even in my first class I felt like family. Highly recommend it everyone! Very interactive and musical, lots of fun instruments to play and easy songs to pick up on if you're new.

Brittany M.