Health Policy

Cleanliness of our instruments: Please know that I am very mindful of doing everything possible to help keep everyone healthy; therefore, I request the help of all of our parents/caregivers to aid us in monitoring their children's use of our instruments. If you believe the instruments used by your child has gotten wet or has been compromised in any way, please put those instruments into our "Wet Basket.”  At the end of each class, I spray all of the instruments in our wet box with Benefect, an organic plant based disinfectant which uses botanical thyme oil as the active ingredient and kills 99.9% of bacteria in 30 seconds! This is the method I have used very effectively for over 10 years, and I believe it is the best possible method available to avoid spreading illnesses, including flu viruses.

Runny noses: It is not correct to assume a clear runny nose is okay and green is not.  The color of the runny nose does not help you determine how contagious a child is.  It is more reliable to make a judgment call by the way the child is acting.   If your child has slept poorly and is acting tired and grouchy along with the runny nose, assume he is sick enough to stay home.  If the runny nose is a week old and your child is acting playful and active, she is likely healthy enough to attend.  If your child's nose is runny enough that the mucus is being wiped on sleeves/classroom equipment it is best to keep him at home!  Some children can have consistent runny noses of any color for weeks or months, which are often caused by allergies, and should not be contagious, in this case, please be mindful of the your child’s runny nose by keeping it wiped in the classroom. 

Cough: A child with a frequent deep moist cough should stay home, especially if he is too young to cover his own mouth when he coughs.

Antibiotics: Even if your child has been put on antibiotics, this does not make their cold any less contagious.  While ear infections are not contagious, the colds that lead to them are.  If your child has a severe cough, fever, or is not feeling well, please stay home until she feels better. 

Fevers: Please keep your child at home until it has been over 24 hours since her last fever without the assistance of fever reducer medicines. Your child is the most contagious during the time she is feverish. As an important line of defense for you and your child, please wash your hands and your children’s hands before and after class. If you are not sure whether your child is contagious, please err on the side of caution and schedule a make-up class.

Food Allergies: In order to demonstrate our care for children with food allergies, please refrain from bringing food into the classroom.

Thank you for your cooperation, Teacher Rosie


Refund Policy

Refunds are not available after the start of the semester.